Routines and Habits

I set a lot of goals for the next 3 months.  I may or may not have set myself up for failure but either way I will be better in 3 months than I am now.  That is all that matters.  I do want to achieve all my goals though.  The only way that will happen is if I have a plan.  The purpose of this post is to lay out my plan.

If something is of high priority we typically should do it before anything else.  I view the first few hours of the day as the key to success. 

Morning Routine

I have a vision of the perfect morning routine and that is what I would like to make a reality.  It goes something like this.

  • 30 minutes – Pray/Meditate (outside preferably), Study the word of God.
  • 1 hr – Exercise and Stretch while listening to inspirational/educational podcasts or audio books.  (I may have to start a push up routine)
  • 30 minutes – Breakfast with family and read scriptures together and pray.
  • 30 minutes – Shower and get ready

The exact times are not as important as the routine itself the order can even be flexible.  The whole idea is to make these activities a priority.  Feed the body, mind and spirit right away!

Evening Routine

The kids go to bed around 8pm.  Before that I try to spend quality time playing and having fun.  Between 6-8pm is already a well established routine thanks to my wife.  We clean up dinner and play until about 7pm then baths, get ready for bed, read books all happens. 

After 8pm I have been known to waste time.  I like to decompress but I constantly have projects to be working on but what I really want to do is relax.  What ends up happening is I don’t really relax and I don’t really spend focused time on my projects so I end up staying up late to finish freelance work.  Then I get little sleep and my morning routine is shot and I am more stressed and more work gets piled on and I stay up late again and the proccess continues until Sunday when I finally crash and, thankfully, I have a policy to not work on Sunday because that is the only time I let myself really decompress. I have even been able to take an afternoon nap every once in a while.

I’m not sure how to be more successful between 8-10pm  I still need to figure out what the best routine would be.  I think I need to have a true go to bed routine where I really wind down because I typically go until I can’t hold my eyes open then shuffle into bed between 12 and 1am on the typical night and 2-3am when things are really crazy.

Weekly Habits

Most of the other goals can be achieved by establishing weekly habits.  

  • Monday night as a family night.  We gather together to discuss the week ahead and to teach our children and have fun together.  
  • Tuesday night will be the night I focus on my projects such as Thintopia and Octonerd.  I will also spend an occassional Thursday or Saturday on these projects.
  • Wednesday nights I have Boy Scouts / Mutual
  • Friday. With 3 children it can be difficult to make time to go on dates.  I want to get into a habit of spending time weekly to talk and spend focused time together.

Thursday, Saturday and Sunday will be free nights although Sunday I will focus on rest and creative persuits such as music and photography.  Thursday and Saturday will be more focused on work.