Self Debugging

I am a Software Engineer by day. This means I deal with code and code usually always has errors. We call code errors “bugs”. When software doesn’t work we have to “debug” the software. This is the process of detecting and removing errors from code. No matter how solid we think our code is there is always and I mean always an error somewhere. Sometimes the go unnoticed for years because they are small and only happen in very specific are rare cases. The more complex software is the more chances there are for bugs.

How To Debug Software

To find bugs we run software in “debug mode” this means that if a serious error presents itself the program we use to edit code stops the software and shows you the line of code where the error occurred. The debugging program also tries to give you some context. You can see the last few things that happened before the error occurred. Where the error occurred usually isn’t where the bug is. Errors typically occur because the software doesn’t have the necessary information or data it needs to do its job. The real bug almost always takes place somewhere in the code before the program breaks. The next step is to set some “breakpoints” and run the software again. Breakpoints tell the debugging program to pause and then the programmer can start stepping through the software one line of code at a time while watching the data change. You can even set flags on a given piece of data so that you get alerted anytime the data changes. This lets the programmer determine where exactly the program failed to get the necessary data or lost data.

I am going to be honest here. I think I am pretty awesome. I am not the greatest person that ever lived but I feel like I am in the top 10%. That is pretty awesome. Don’t worry, you are likely in that top percentile if you are reading this, or at least really close.

Fix My Code

Okay, so here is the deal. I am not as awesome as I want to be. I have a lot of character flaws. I procrastinate, I am addicted to sugar, I am lazy, I pick my nose. Wait. Before I get carried away revealing too much and ruining my street cred (maybe it is too late) I want to hear from the people who know me best. I know it can be hard to point out people’s flaws…at least to their face. That is probably another flaw of mine or maybe it is a talent. I am so good and noticing other people’s flaws. I am afraid that I am leaving some of my own flaws unnoticed.

That GuyI feel like everyone needs to know if they are “that guy”. “That guy” never seems to know they are “that guy”. Who is “that guy”? He/she could be anyone really. It could be that person who is a terrible singer and they don’t know it and they like to do karaoke or perform at every chance they get. The facebook friend that posts horoscopes and farmville updates daily. You know the person. That person that you wish you could tell them what everyone else sees but they don’t.

Have you ever wondered if you are “that guy”? I have. I like to believe that I am not. But, “that guy” probably thinks he isn’t either.

Whether you know me or have just read my blog for the first time; I want you to leave a comment (anonymously if you prefer) telling me the flaws I have. Be specific, don’t just say, “You kind of bug me sometimes.” Maybe I have bad breath and I don’t notice. Maybe my clothes are too tight. That’s just it I don’t know and I really wish I did. Be honest, Be specific and don’t just tell me I am awesome. I already know that. Tell me something I don’t know. If I don’t get any feedback I will be forced to assume I am perfect and you don’t want that. This is your chance. Have at it.

Help me debug and improve.

2 Replies to “Self Debugging”

  1. Let me be the first to give feedback. You seem distracted. You probably spend too much time on the internet and could be doing more something more productive.

  2. Now don’t take this the wrong, way. I am only telling you this because you asked me to. It is for your own good.

    Ready?…you eat too much ice cream. 🙂

    I think you are too busy. I suffer from this as well. I think too often, we are wrapped up in our goals and aspirations that we miss things that are right beside us, whether it be sweet times with loved ones or other opportunities for personal growth.

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