Simple Princess Tiara Cake

I love celebrating birthdays! Birthdays are the one time a year I get to celebrate each child individually. We usually do a small birthday party with family and a few friends.  I don’t go all out for the party, but I try to incorporate their ideas or things that they are interested in – I guess I try to put their signature on it so to speak. We hang a “happy birthday” sign and put a few streamers up before they wake up. Usually we make their favorite meal for breakfast or dinner. One part I really enjoy is working with Marshmallow fondant to create a cake that they love.  This year, my 3 year old wanted a cake with a tiara on it. She likes pink and flowers and hearts and so I knew just what to do for her. This is what I came up with:


I don’t have any fancy tools for fondant. Usually, I don’t even have the right cookie cutters for the shapes I’m making. I just make due with bottle caps and whatever I can find around the kitchen that happens to be the right shape and size I’m looking for. It takes a little “outside-of -the-box thinking” and a forgiving creator’s eye (ok – maybe better said a little laziness) but mostly we pull these cakes together nicely. This particular cake came together very quickly, and was “perfect” in the eyes of my 3 year old princess! Which is really all that matters…

IMG_6332 and as a little bonus for the rest of us, it tastes great 🙂