The Sandlot

Tonight I did not get to bed on time because we painted our bedroom while we watched The Sandlot.  We decided that we have zero interior decorating skills as a couple.  Part of the problem is we’re too cheap to buy any decorations.  I read a lot of minimalist blogs so I like to tell myself that our lack of decorations is trendy and minimalist.

We love the movie The Sandlot.  It is good to see what childhood was like before video games.  I didn’t grow up in those days but I could definitely relate to Summers filled with playing baseball and getting into trouble.  Today, kids are missing out on growing up.  It is a challenge to just get some kids off the couch during the Summer.  I spent my fair share of hours watching reruns of Saved By the Bell and Fresh Prince of Bel Air. I needed someone to tell me, “You’re killing me Smalls!”  I should have gotten out and played ball with friend a lot more than I did.

I tell myself the same thing now.  I need to get out more and play sports and just be outside.  I am a Boy Scout leader for 14-15 year olds and I should be the one getting them out into the wilderness making memories and building their character but I struggle to execute worthwhile hikes and camp outs because I am really inexperienced.  I never really backpacked as a boy scout but the truth is I just need to get out and do it and make mistakes.  It’s the best way to do most things.