To Elf Or Not To Elf

This Thanksgiving we got out the Christmas decorations like usual but this time the kids were really eager to find our magic elf, Jimmy Jingle.  A few years ago (2012) my sister-in-law gave us this magic elf that came with a poem.  It wasn’t the typical “Elf On The Shelf” doll.  He was a little more unique and special.  The poem explained how he worked.  During the day he would standing in different places and watch our family and each night he would report back to Santa whether the kids were naughty or nice.  If they were nice he did something fun or left a treat and if they weren’t he might play a prank or do nothing.

His activities ranged from as simple as hiding in the Christmas tree or building a fort out of books and in some cases he might turn the milk green or cook breakfast.  Every morning the kids were excited to find him and see what he did during the night.  One night in 2013 he decided to make a video of what he does after the family goes to sleep and this is what he left for the kids to watch.

The poem also explained that if children touch him he loses his magic so they have to leave him where ever they find him.  Only mom and dad can touch him if he needs to be moved somewhere safe or to keep a better eye on the family . Then on Christmas Eve he heads back to the north pole to return the following December.

Fast forward now to 2015.  Last year he somehow broke his leg but played on with the injury.  Then this Summer we moved.  Today is Thanksgiving and the Christmas decorations have been searched and Jimmy is nowhere to be found.  We can’t remember if we got rid of him last year or if we forgot where we packed him.  I don’t think we keep him with the rest of the decorations because he “obviously lives in the north pole” and comes when he’s ready to come.  So the question is where the heck is he? And, if we can’t find him, should a replacement show up?

Magic elves are a lot of work. It is hard to think of new and creative things to do with them and if you forget one night the kids get really disappointed.  I also don’t believe in getting treats often because it tends to spoil the kids and they’re pretty spoiled already.  On the plus side though, I think it is fun to do these things for the kids and I love to see their reactions when does something interesting or funny.  They get a kick out of it and the 7, 5 and 4 year old are the right age to have that innocence and hope for all things magical.  Some people don’t believe in deceiving children with things like Santa and fairies but to be honest those things are great covers to serve your children and fill their eyes with wonder and excitement.


What do you think?  Are you pro Elf on the Shelf? Should Jimmy get a replacement?

2 Replies to “To Elf Or Not To Elf”

  1. I love the video and wish I had an elf to come do that stuff in my house. And yes, it is a ton of work, but such a fun thing for the kids and they will remember it always and think back on the effort you made as parents when they’re old enough to realize the truth of things. The magic leaves childrens’ eyes soon enough, so sustain it as long as you can. Maybe this year you could change it up a bit and have Jimmy leave ideas for things the kids could do to serve one another, or others that day. Take the time this weekend to plan ahead, then some of the burden for thinking things up will lessen. You’re wonderful parents – keep it up.

    1. It is so true and the older kids got all of our energy so now I’m struggling to stay up late any more. The younger kids sometimes miss out on the “magic”. Actually, I’m going to recruit Jackson to be in charge of Jimmy because we let him in on the magic last year right after Christmas. He was acting up and I had to set him straight on how lucky he was and that all the things that just magically happen for him aren’t magic. He cried and was mad for telling me but then I spun it and said he’s lucky now because he gets to help keep the secret and be the magic.

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