Utopia Through Self Actualization

100% Peaceful,  100% Sustainable.  No currency.  What does this mean.  Everyone’s needs are taken care of and everyone is free to use talents in the best possible way.

Everyone is self actualized.  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs have been met.

I wonder how Housing, Food, Waste, Maintainance, Clothing, Transportation would look. 

It can be fun to imagine. So here is how it works. You can’t focus on the whole world just yet. Let’s focus on a small community. Better yet, focus on your own home! That is the only way Utopia could happen. Each individual reaches personal utopia then family, then neighborhood, community and so on and so forth.

Level 1: Basic Physical Needs

At this level everyone has plenty of food, water, sanitary way of disposing of waste and sleep (FAIL! I’m losing and we’re only on step 1! It is 2:35 AM as I write this). In a world view, the water and waste are a real issues. Food can be an issue too. If possible, have a year supply of food and water. Also, learn to produce less waste. In a pinch you’ll pretty much be forced to.

Level 2: Safety and Security

This level is met when your home has sufficient resources to protect your family and you aren’t constantly worried about your health and your family is not in immediate danger. Get yourself some good insurance, good deadbolt locks which could be thrown away in full Utopia but let’s focus on our family before we get carried away. Focus on your health and fitness. This has a few benefits. You’ll likely avoid some serious diseases and you’ll be more likely to protect you family from physical harm. If a bear attacks your house, are you in good enough shape to fight him off? Or at least runaway and hide before he mauls you?

Level 3: Relationships

Humans need love. The secret here is to give. Be a good friend. Be the best spouse and you will likely get what you give. Books upon books have been written on this subject. My simple advice is to stop thinking of yourself and you’ll be amazed at the results.

Level 4: Self Worth

To be honest, if you have perfect level 3 you’ve already perfected level 4. Others will respect you and you have learned to respect them. You have overcome your Ego and you see your true worth is to share your talents with others.

Level 5: Self Actualization

So you have no worries in the world. You love yourself and everyone and you don’t care about being better than the next guy and you are finally free to be you. You aren’t pursuing prestige or fame and you are confident in your abilities. You are free to be creative, spontaneous, and 100% genuine.

You see everything for what it is. You aren’t careless but you have no fear. Without fear you have no need for malice. You are nearly perfect. Does this mean you go ahead and spend every day at Disneyland? Probably not. Are you someone that has handed your life over to God to be a missionary like Mother Theresa? Maybe. You are you! Self-actualization means you have created reality. Nothing fake.

Is this a goal of yours? I wouldn’t mind reaching level 5. I think the key is to get rid of bad habits, extra baggage. Your electronics, job, title, car, house, number of facebook friends, twitter followers or youtube subscribers don’t define you. You define you. Focus less on what the world deems important and find what is really important.