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I have an unhealthy obsession with the Internet and mostly with YouTube. I keep a pretty close tab on almost all things viral. I was actually surprised how long it took before I saw the Gangnam Style video. Because I’m so interested in what is the latest craze I’m also curious if I have the ability to make content that would be popular on the internet.

One of my favorite YouTube channels is RhettAndLink. They are masters of internet video. They have a good balance of music and comedy. It also helps that they are childhood friends and have great chemistry together. I think the difference between them and me is that they started acting on their crazy video ideas a long time ago and now they are to a point where they have enough skill and a large enough audience that just about any idea they come up with will work.

I get ideas for videos but then as I let the ideas grow I try to imagine how I will accomplish what I want. I begin making excuses in my head that I lack skill to execute, I need people to collaborate with, I need more time, better equipment and the list goes on and on. At the moment I have two videos that I’m trying to get done. Meanwhile, I’ve come up with ideas for a few more videos. It is a battle between “Just Do It” and “Do It Right”.

I can do mediocre videos fine. I’ve proven that I have the ability to make myself record, edit and post videos. What I haven’t mastered yet is creating consistently awesome videos on a regular basis and that, my friends, is the key to building a loyal following.

One of the books I read this month was “Poke the Box” by Seth Godin. The thesis of the book was that to be successful one must be a starter. He also explains that starters aren’t starters unless they finish or ship. It doesn’t do any good to start a project unless you ship it.  When you ship that is when you really learn.  You learn what works and what doesn’t works.  Until you ship something you really don’t know if it will be a success but if you ship a lot and improve and adjust course each time then the chances are you will eventually find success.

My sense is that most people are like this.  If you have an idea take immediate action.  Even that just means scheduling time in your calendar to work on the idea.  Time for me to take my own advice.

Here are a couple videos that are inspiring me to start a dancing channel.  I should probably finish my other videos first though.

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  1. It would be interesting to do something like the first video, but with several subscribers dancing to a specific song. You could choreograph a few moves that must be thrown in to their submitted dancing, that way you have moves you can use to cut from one person to another in the same (or very close) position.

  2. You could totally do a Gangnam Style video featuring the man/woman/family on the street. I’m sure everyone has their Gangnam Style moves and you can feel those in with the real thing, along with lots of your own Gangnam style stuff. Folks love to watch real people parodying the pros. Get some video while you’re on your little vacay. Do It!!

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