Warheads Challenge

About a year ago a few of my YouTube friends participated in a little warheads challenge.  They each tried to eat the most warheads at once.  I think the record was 20 by MySmallTownLife!  At the time I wanted to give it a try but I didn’t know where to find the warheads.  I looked in the candy isle at the grocery store but didn’t find them.

Fast forward to this month.  Mommy Stubz was gone for the week and I took the kids to the grocery store.  I was in a section of the store we don’t usually walk through and I saw a standalone display with warheads.  I immediately thought of the warhead challenge videos.  I had to get a pack.  It had been years since I had eaten a warhead.  I remember they were sour but I had to give it another try.  When we got home from the store I was eager to try one and it was extremely sour!  Wow, it was almost unbearable.  I counted out the candies and there about 12 so that meant I couldn’t really try the same challenge.  Then I remembered Olinselot’s video which included reactions from his three boys trying the warheads for the first time.  Perfect! That is what I should do.  They will never trust me again to give them unfamiliar candy but I have a great video with some funny reactions.  Totally worth it!