What Christian Parents Need To Know About Pornography


(photo courtesy of San Jose Library)

My Aunt, Jill Geigle, wrote the following post for her blog. It is excellent information and so timely with all the articles that have been circulating on Facebook about teens and pornography in the UK, not to mention the epidemic that is taking place in our own country. It is a big deal and it can’t be swept under the rug anymore. Read this post and then sign up to come to this conference this weekend if you’re in the Phoenix, Az area. It will give you great confidence in ‘fighting the new drug,’ pornography.

What Christian Parents Need to Know About Pornography

Pornography does not affect only Christians.  In fact, every one in our communities will on some level feel the effects from pornography.  But recently, as I was visiting with a Christian pastor about the devastating, lifelong consequences of pornography use, he asked me to write an article that he could send out. This is the article:

Everyday I wake up and jump into the routine of getting my children ready to go out into the world.  I begin by making lunches for my children to take to school. I use organic peanut butter on 100% whole wheat bread with all fruit preserves.  I wash the organic strawberries.  I grab a handful of whole grain pita chips- baked, not fried, and put with them some hummus for dip.  For a little treat I add some dark chocolate covered pretzels.  Then I gently (I don’t want to bruise the strawberries) put all of the food in a BPA-free lunch box.

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