What is FunAwesome?

…and what happened to MicahStubz

As I thought about what kind of value I could offer my viewers I came to the conclusion that what I most enjoy and feel is valuable is inspiring people to enjoy quality time with their family.

I love my family more than anything. Before changing the name of my channel to FunAwesome!, I had a tagline for my channel, “The Coolest Dad On YouTube”.  I am sure there were much cooler dads on youtube but it was something I aspired to be.  I wanted to do my best and provide an enjoyable life for my family.  There was a problem though.  I was focused on ME.  Does it matter to you if I’m cool?  I hope not!

What matters is that I can help other parents and even children to make a better effort at home to enjoy the people that matter most.

I’m still MicahStubz and my channel url is still http://youtube.com/micahstubz

Let us know what you think of the changes. Let’s build a community of people who value giving their family their best.  Be a FunAwesome Ninja!