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April Fools Mustaches

Today we are kicking off FunAwesome! Month! Woohoo! Let’s start with a bang and play an April Fools prank on our kids. While they were sleeping I drew mustaches on their faces and recorded their reactions in the morning. Enjoy!

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Neighbor Mailboxes for Children

Who doesn’t LOVE to get some good mail? You’ve got to admit it so fun to check the mailbox to find a card or package just for you!

Our neighbors surprised my kids one day with a cute shoebox they had decorated like a little mailbox. They asked us to leave it out on the […]

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Easy Gourmet Brownies

These are amazing – from bite size to extra large, no matter how you serve them, they look and taste incredible. I know you wouldn’t believe this, but I am a bit of a brownie fanatic. In high school I would make brownies nearly every weekend or so (and watch Emperor’s New Groove… is […]

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DIY Water Park


This is a guest post from Mr Spiffy aka micahstubz.

We are fortunate to have an awesome play set in our backyard.  The kids love it.  In the Summer in Arizona it can get too hot to play out there though.  The kids often take the garden hose and run it down the slides or […]

Potty Training – always a new adventure!

Recently we potty trained our third child. Let me tell you our history with potty training… our first caught on with in about a day or two. He was so easy to potty train that I really thought I was brilliant and I probably wouldn’t have any problems with future children. Then came child […]

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Fun Easter Sandwich Cookies

I can’t believe how fast Easter is sneaking up on us. I didn’t feel ready for Easter until this past week we were able to go the “Easter Pageant” and it really helped me get my thoughts ready for Easter. My kids were looking for a fun Easter-ish project and we came […]

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Fall Break Fun Crafts and Activities With Kids!

I can’t wait to have a whole week with my children! I love having them home and not being  held to the normal daily school schedule! Of course our days off go much more smoothly if I have a couple of things planned each day, and it is a special time we have together […]

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Edible Chocolate Play dough

One of the recipes my children request most isn’t for cookies, cakes, or any other baked goodies… its for play dough – chocolate play dough. Yes it does taste delicious and of course it leaves a mess (as any good play dough does)! You create, cut, shape, and eat! I can’t figure out where […]

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Make your own Jack-o-lantern sugar cookies

Oh wow – this combines crafting and baking! Two of the spiffiest things to do in your spare time! AND, and…they are totally customize-able! You can make them as traditional or as wacky as you want. As soon as I saw these, I wanted to make these as a little ‘thank you’  for my […]

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